Planned litters

For questions about our planned litters we can be reached after 20:00 hrs
at phone number: +31 161 412323

all of these pups have found their new owner

Born 29-11-2018
4 dogs, 3 bitches

      Mother: Manusia’s Kimba-Joske                                                 Father: Sensifi’s Baron Boudewijn






Born 15 juni 2018
4 dogs and 1 bitch

                   Mother: Manusia’s Dorus                                                        Father: Gijs van Camelot’s Polderzicht




Born March 18th 2018
2 dogs

Mother: Manusia’s Dana-Puck                                                  Father: Kiowa of Great Pleasure





Born March 19th 2018
3 bitches, 3 dogs

              Mother: Manusia’s Amber-Dana                                      Father: Name of the Game of Great Pleasure







Born October 13th  2017
5 bitches, 1 dog

Mother: Manusia’s Kimba-Joske                                               Father: Gijs van Camelot’s Polderzicht







Born November 1st, 2017
3 bitches, 2 dogs

Mother: Manusia’s Indra-Tooske                                                                    Father: Lars







Born May 24th 2017
3 bitches, 1 dog
       Mother: Manusia’s Viona-Sara                                                Father: Gijs from Camelot’s Polderzicht





(3 weeks)