The Toller

Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever
Country of origin: Canada

External characteristics:
Body: These middle size dogs have a short straight back that slowly goes down from the withers to the croup. The tail is attached to the extension of he back and reach to the ankle. It carries the tail normally under the back line unless when the dog is attentive, but it leaves the back free. The chest is wide and deep, and goes down to the elbow. The stomach line goes slightly upwards. The legs are straight and nicely squared. They have round middle size feet with fins between their toes. They have and strong middle size neck.
Head: the wedge formed head has a wide and slightly vaulted scull. The finish is slightly marked by the cheeks. The lips are closed together. The ears are attached high and slightly to the back of the head and are carried hanging down. They have a triangle form. The almond formed eyes are placed far apart and have a friendly expression. The Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retrievers have a complete shears kind set of teeth.
Shoulder height: males have a shoulder height between 48 to 51 centimeters and females from 45 to 48 centimeters.
Fur: The fur is extra water resistant. The upper layer of hair is of middle size length and the lower layer hair is thick and soft. Hair on the back may have some waves.
Color: The fur may have tans between red and orange colors. Normally these dogs have a white mark on the tip of their tail, feet, and chest and blaze, but are not an obligation. The nose is black or mach with the fur color, most light-colored Tollers have a pink nose and pink pigment. The eyes can be a brown to a amber color.

Character: The “Tollers”, as this breed is called as well, is a very friendly, attentive, no complicated, playful and happy dog. It is quite intelligent and normally very obedient. Tollers are active and lively dogs. In the house they are normally calm. They love to swim and apporte. They don’t bark much. So, the social and peaceful character is one of their features of this breed.
Socializing: Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retrievers are nice family dogs who socialize normally very good with other animals and their own kind. They are very patient with children and always ready for a ballgame. By danger they’ll bark, but that’s it. Also for people they don’t know these remarkable dogs are friendly.

Care: The Toller doesn’t need much fur treatment. Brush the fur thoroughly once a week. In the shedding time brush, comb the dog more often. Keep the nails short.
Education:This breed isn’t difficult to raise. They learn quite fast new commands and love to work with their boss. With the voice the owner can do very much.
Exercise: Tollers need quite a lot of exercise. Besides their regular walks you have to go out with them regularly.  Most of them love to swim and apporte, also during the cold and raining days. When it is inconvenient to have a walk they will adapt very good.
Use possibilities: With the correct support these Benjamin’s under the Retrievers can hold up real good with dog sports like fly ball. They are agile and obedient. As family dogs, in a sport manlike family, these dogs feel very comfortable.