The Kooikerhondje

Country of origin: Netherlands.

External characteristics:
Body: The body built from the Kooiker is some lower than high, with a strong back, a deep chest and good vaulted ribs. The tail reaches to the heel and is horizontal and happily carried, but not curled over the back. Its front legs are straight and the and quite square. The neck is muscled and straight.
Head: The scull is quite wide and slightly vault. The scull and snout are the same size, separated by a obvious but not too deep a stop. Also the snout, looking from the side, is not too deep. The lips may not hang over. The ears are quite big and are carried hanging down against the cheeks. The almond eyes have a friendly and attentive expression. Kooikerhondjes have normally a shear kind set of teeth, but a pliers or tang type of teeth is allowed.
Shoulder height: The shoulder height is between 35 and 40 centimeters.
Weight: Kooikerhondjes weigh around 10 kilos, males in general some more.
Fur: These dogs have middle length, light wavy slick fur; which must join well together and may not curl. The lower fur must be good developed. The front legs are nicely haired, but not too heavy. The ears and tail have long hair, the same counts for the pants, but under the heel the hair must be short.
Colors:This breed is bred in a white fur with defined bright orange red colored big spots. The color must be dominated. People rather see no white hair on the ears. The tips on the ears prefer to be black. The black floss is called earrings and forms a typical race mark. On expositions the preference goes to the dogs with colored cheeks and white chest.

Character: These intelligent and eager to learn little dogs are lively, sporting, attend and brave. Much less they are very sensitive and not always easy to understand. They bark seldom, but let you know when there are visitors or there is danger. They get very attached to their owner (s).
Socializing: Kooikerhondjes normally get along with other dogs. If the dog is raised with cats and other animals then they won’t give any problem to get along with them. Kooikerhondjes are by long ways an everybody friend; with strangers they will keep a distance and stay alert. Somehow they will great friends from the family with great enthusiasm.  They won’t let children do what they like to do. To be a companion for hyper or busy and young children this race won’t be recommendable.

Care: Kooikerhondjes doesn’t need very much fur treatment. Brush the dog from time to time and look in their ears for to much ear wax or dirt. Sometimes too much hair will grow between their feet soles which can limit their movements. In that case with a rounded scissors cut the sticking out hair from their foot soles.
Education: Just like any other dog Kooikerhondjes needs to be raised consequently. Kooikers are intelligent and learn hungry, qualities that will make an easy learning dog. They are sensitive to the owner’s voice therefore don’t need a firm hand. Much less the owner ought to work with the dog energetic, because a tolerant boss can provoke dominant behavior in the dog.
Exercise:It Kooikerhondje is a work dog that doesn’t spent its days laying in his bed or on the sofa. It loves to run and play and doesn’t prefer a lazy life. Most Kooikers love to swim and apporte or any other game.
Use possibilities: With combination of the boss the Kooiker does well with obedience contests, fly ball and agility.