We, Cor and Evelien Bogers started our kennel in Made. On July 9th  1978 the first Kooier dog came to our home, she was a birthday present for our daughter. She listened to the name “Tanja uit ‘t Wilgenbosch”. Shortly after that the second third dog were added: Eskil and Carlieneke, both also from the kennel: uit ‘t Wilgenbosch.

Eskil uit ‘t Wilgenbosch

Carlieneke uit ‘t Wilgenbosch

At the end of the seventies Tanja had her first litter of puppies and shortly after that came Eskil’s litter.

Our kennel name Manusia’s means “Sweet and Beautiful” . This name has been thought of by miss.v.d. Kooi-Apeldoorn, from who we bought our first Cavalier King Charles Spaniel.

In the eighties our kennel slowly started to grow, and in 1986 we moved to Dorst. Besides the Kooiker dog, we own also some Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retrievers, of which we regularly breed a litter of pups. We now are the owners of around 25 dogs.

We are visiting many local and foreign dog expositions with our dogs, with very good results; by now we have 18 Kooiker dogs having the Netherlands championship, and one of our Tollers carries this title too.

We breed around 6 litters a year; many of our pups go through the whole world.

Cor Bogers

Evelien Bogers